Relationship & Marriage Expert
As a relationship expert, financial consultant, author, radio personality,
professional speaker for over 15 years and now Founder/CEO of Dream
Works Cancer Foundation, Dr. Charles Dean has earned his place among
the best in his field by delivering an affluent message that helps people in
their everyday family, personal and marital relationships.
Always desire a passion to learn and determination to achieve greatness.
Intimacy 101… Out of Touch
Have you lost your intimacy, wishing there was more? Do you feel
disconnected from friends and loved ones?
Healthy relationships can help release stress, improve your nights rest, clears
your thinking, bring you closer to your partner and family,
and so many other self-healing benefits.
Dr. Charles Dean
Married or thinking about
getting married?

Strained relationship?

The divorce rate in America in
2010 for a first marriage was 41%;
the divorce rate in America for a
second marriage was 60%; the
divorce rate in America for a third
marriage was 73%...

Those numbers have gotten worse
not better each year.

Do you have 30 days to invest in
your relationship to change your
life forever?
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